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Brand: AutoRobot Products
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EzCalipre3D is an advanced measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition and for damage documentation. EzCalipre3D is easily portable and movable, it can be used for 2D or 3D measuring in all kinds of surroundings, and therefore it opens up whole new scope for vehicle estimation.

Applicable everywhere

System calibration and electronic measuring can be done on the body shop yard or on a post lift when estimating the vehicle’s repair cost, or during straightening work when the car is mounted in a frame bench of any kind, or when the car has been brought in an inspector’s office to be certified for roadworthiness for example.

Modern data transfer

Data on vehicle’s present condition, which is provided by EzCalipre’s length sensor and inclinometer for height, gets transmitted in the PC measuring software with wireless WLAN connection (Wireless Local Area Network). Immediate, direct data transfer totally eliminates mistakes with typing etc. Measuring results can be viewed immediately both on EzCalipre3D display and on PC screen.

Damage analysis

Measuring with EzCalipre3D makes vehicle straightening work quicker and ensures the quality of your work. EzCalipre’s technique is supported by Autorobot’s own, very comprehensive vehicle data files (approximately 60 reference points per vehicle). EzCalipre3D provides a quick report on side damage, showing by how many millimeters the B pillar has bent in (the first picture) for example, and if the crash has shortened the middle section of the body (the second picture). This information helps to produce a realistic cost estimate and repair schedule. In these pictures the measured values are saved in a portable computer.

Areas of use

EzCalipre3D is suitable for measuring passenger vehicles, cross country vehicles and vans, and its’ most essential purpose is to serve body shop diagnostics and structural vehicle repair. Wireless and easily portable with the carry case, it is easy to move around. Just like your laptop, EzCalipre3D with Li-Ion battery makes it a mobile solution which adapts to the moving work of insurance company inspectors, for example.

Wireless data transfer

EzCalipre3D central processing unit (CPU) reads the exact locations of the vehicle points with the help of in-built sensors for length and vertical inclination. Measuring points can be selected in the display of the CPU, and saved in the computer database. Chassis and/or body points that were saved during the measuring session can be printed out on separate Before Repair or After Repair reports, or both. Autorobot EzCalipre3D tram gauge uses wireless WLAN technique and therefore it can be used with nearly all kinds of computers.

Consistent  quality control

During their long existence the Autorobot datasheets have developed very clear and easily conceivable, containing unique information on chassis and body measures. The data files consist of drawings and numerical information plus actual photographs on measuring points. Datasheets show also which measuring head should be used for the vehicle point in question.

3D measuring with EzCalipre

The 3D function of the EzCalipre3D requires 3 measuring steps to be completed for each target point: 1 Lengthwise measuring, 2 Diagonal measuring and 3 Width measuring (optional). After completing these 3 steps software will show 3D results with height, width and length measurements for the target point and these results can be saved and printed on a 3D measuring report.

Control the whole vehicle body

EzCalipre3D Tram Gauge comes with vehicle specifications on both vehicle upper body and chassis. Therefore it allows checking the quality of the body form all around the vehicle. What makes EzCalipre3D very a unique device is its’ capability to register height differences in vehicle measures (patented feature).

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