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20/30 & 21/31FV PLASMA TIPS

20/30 & 21/31FV PLASMA TIPS
$8.37 Ex GST
Code: 040212
Brand: GYS Parts & Consumables
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20/30 & 21/31FV PLASMA TIPS

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GYS 20/30 & 21/31FV PLASMA TIPS

During cutting, consumables are subject to extreme heat, around 2000°C.

They will then deteriote progressively after each use, affecting the pressure and cutting quality.

It will then be necessary to replace sooner or later some consumables to get back to an optimum cutting quality.

Tip :

It enables air cutting circulation which when in short-circuit with the electrode will create the Plasma.

It must be replaced when the hole is not rounded anymore.

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