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Code: 90PULUP010
Brand: Spanesi Products
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Spanesi PULL UP!
The new repair method
The PULL UP! repair system is the latest Spanesi innovation, which utilizes suction cups, glue, and slide hammers to produce flawless panel repairs. Suitable for both steel and aluminum substrates, straightening is performed from the exterior of the panel or lining. Spanesi’s exclusive glue formulation facilitates difficult repair procedures to be completed on rocker panels, roofs, dog legs, door sills, along body lines and pillar locations.
  • Cycle Time and Cost Reduction -  Increased touch times, Decreased parts ordering, Faster vehicle repairs.
  • Efficient - Repair panels without removing paint from panel surfaces and instantly checking the end result.
  • Convenient - No need to disassemble the vehicle, disconnect the battery, reset and calibrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
  • Easy to Complex Damage Types - Suction cups comprised of multiple shapes and sizes can be combined to address the most difficult repair scenarios.
  • Fewer Parts to Replace - Restore the original panel’s shape and appearance without intrusive part replacements.
  • Minimize Welding - Repairs are accomplished in a non-invasive approach, decreasing the opportunity for panels to altered by the introduction of heat, burn-through and compromised corrosion protection.
  • Full Pulling Force Control - Straighten using a combination of pull bars and our Electro puller (optional).
Full Kit

The repair solution for major and complex damage types. Up to 4 suction cups may be combined for simultaneous pulls in large repair areas. Can be used with the Electro puller (optional).

  • 5 Slide hammers
  • 120 Shaped suction cups
  • 65 Thread pivots
  • 8 Double combination bars
  • 4 Triple combination bars
  • 3 Nylon hammers
  • 2 Polycarbonate trowels
  • 3 Nylon wedges
  • 1 Nylon cone
  • 1 450W Hot glue gun
  • 5 Kg d.15 hot glue

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