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Brand: Celette Products
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Kit Components

This item contains the following components:

Kit Includes:

1. CAM01.102 - Cameleon Basic Fixtures Set

The Cameleon is a Customizable Fixture-set Solution for structural measures and repairs of damaged vehicles.

It is modular and scalable with a set of standard tips, 10 adjustable X and Y plates and 10 adjustable jigs. Cameleon uses the 3D technology of the CELETTE® electronic mesauring system : Naja, thus ensuring optimum reliability of the measurements take by the bodyman when assessing the severity of the damage, reviewing or checking the compliance of a vehicle.

The Cameleon is adaptable to all of the existing CELETTE® standard tools :benches, crossmembers, towers and universal pistons. The Cameleon is a unique customizable tool that could be used for all car makes and models.


  • Flexible and Adaptable to all vehicles
  • Productive _ Easy set-up, unmatched simplicity of implementation and time saving
  • Accurate _ same accuracy level than the dedicated fixtures solution
  • Optimal _ workshop organization and space saving

2. 955A.9612 - Aluminium Crossmembers Set

3. MZ450.925 - 22 towers + Storage trolley

The MZ jig system, homologated by the global leading car makers:

  • is an accurate tool based on jigs system which are used on the car production line
  • eliminates operator errors (no guess works)
  • ideal for reconstruction

4. MZ2500.000 - 34 Universal MZ Pistons

New design enables you to separate the piston from the specific top. Composition including 34 pistons with 4 various piston types:

  • Piston P100 : 100 mm long , with 3 drillings A – B - C
  • Piston P160 : 160 mm long , with 3 drilling D – E - F
  • Piston P220 : 220 mm long, with 3 drillings G – H – J
  • Piston P310 : 310 mm long , with 4 drillings K - L - M – N

The settlement in height is completed by means of a particular fixing by means of a pin, combining a piston hole (marked with a letter) with a hole in the MZ tower (characterised by a number).

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