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Brand: Magic Creeper Products
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The Magic Creeper will make your life simpler. With zero ground clearance, the Magic Creeper will not damage the expensive floor finishes on your shop floor, and works just as well on rough or uneven surfaces. The patented multi-layer construction is high-strength, waterproof, and puncture resistant. This wheel-less creeper weighs in at only 1.4kgs. It’s easy to store and maintenance free. You’ll love how easy and convenient it is to use. Take it with you wherever you go!


  • With a stunning zero ground clearance, this wheel-less creeper takes the stress out of working in tight, low clearance, and hard to reach places
  • Unique tubular shape acts like a track moving along effortlessly for up to 5 feet without the need to reposition
  • Inner layer acts like millions of tiny ball bearings for effortless manoeuvring in all directions; even on rough and uneven surfaces
  • Water, oil and puncture resistant; won't scratch wood and expensive floor finishes
  • 152cm x 73cm magic creeper rolls up to a mere 73cm x 13cm, and weighs in at just 1.4kgs; making it easy to store in your trunk, under the car seat, in the RV or anywhere else you may need it.

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