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Technifill XP H1160 Fairing Resin 1L

Technifill XP H1160 Fairing Resin 1L
Code: SM3144
Brand: ATL Products
Product Details
Technifill XP H1160 Fairing Resin 1L

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Technifill XP1160 Fairing Resin

Technifill R1160 is a pre-thickened, two-part fairing compound suitable for fairing in marine and industrial applications. The thixotropic nature of the Technifill XP R1160 is designed for good hold-up on vertical surfaces, and it will bond well to a variety of substrates including fiberglass and timber, and metal surfaces with suitable preparation.

R1160 has an easy 1:1 mix ratio and the blue-tinted resin and white-tinted hardener combine to create a light blue mixture indicating a thorough blend.

  • Easy to Sand
  • Low Toxicity
  • No Shrinkage

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