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Code: V91TY92
Brand: Iwata Products
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ECO Series - Belt driven rotary screw compressors

The ECO series of screw compressors are reliable, cost efficient and user friendly. ECO guarantees a continuous production of compressed air in the harshest of conditions due to its Australian Design and European manufacture.

ECO Series - High performance

ECO screw compressors are able to be installed in the hottest and harshest ambient conditions due to the installation of over sized coolers and a thermostatic controlled cooling fan, extending the operating life of coolant and components.

1. Thermostatically controlled cooling fan minimising operating costs.
2. Heavy duty encapsulated intake filter 2 micron with a large surface area extending operating life.
3. Load and unload intake valve minimising operating cost.
4. German manufactured isometric air end.
5. Oversized oil and air aftercoolers for low discharge temperatures.
6. 3 stage air oil separator minimising oil carry over, ensuring a clean oil free air supply.
7. Heavy duty electric motor operating at a maximum of 90% service factor allowing the compressor to operate under extreme working conditions.

Control Panel

- Star Delta Starter
- Pressure gauge
- Hour meter
- High temperature cut off 
- Warning lights   
- Load/unload programmable stop timer
- Timed stop

High Air Output Lower Consumption

Through the technology of the isometric German built air end the Eco series rotary screw compressor offers high effiency with low power and noise levels. The design allows the compressor to be operated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with minimum service.

Air Quality

Air inlet is fitted with an encapsulated 2 micron filter protecting the isometric German made air end. The intake valve automatically operates from load to unload ensuring maximum energy efficiency. The thermostatic valve and thermal fan automatically regulates and maintains the oil temperature and outlet temperature avoiding condensate forming in the oil circuit, guaranteeing a long and serviceable life to the compressor with minimal service costs.

Cooling System

Large air/oil coolers ensure the lowest compressed air outlet temperatures and optimum coolant temperature throughout the circuit. A thermostatically controlled fan operates between 60C and 70C providing extremely efficient cooling and low discharge temperatures when operating in high ambient temperatures.

Drive System

The drive system extends operating life by up to 100% over standard V-Belts. The large surface area ensures maximum drive and minimum slip, guaranteeing an efficient drive train from the motor to the air end.

Design Flexibility

Designed to suit the end-user requirements, available in its "stand alone" version or mounted on a generous 270 lt. air receiver.

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